Going Through A Custody Battle With The Help Of An Attorney


Have you become tired of arguing with the person that you have children with about when you can spend time with the kids? Rather than continuing to be in such a stressful situation, you can hire an attorney to help with putting legal custody arrangements in place. The article below will give you a general idea of what an attorney will do to make spending time with your children a more peaceful thing to do.

Listening to Your Story to Build Your Custody Case

Consulting with an attorney will give you the chance to tell your story and find out what can be done about the situation. The consultation will also be the time when you find out if you even have a case against the other party or not. For instance, if you are the father, you should understand that in some states custody is automatically given to the mother when children are born out of wedlock. However, an attorney can still help you in such a case by filing a petition for a DNA test to be done so you can start legally spending time with your children. If you are a mother who wants to get custody rights, the lawyer may ask questions concerning how the children ended up with the father in the first place.

Proving That You Are a Responsible Parent

An attorney will ask about several areas of your life to build a strong case on your behalf. He or she will want to know what kind of home you are living in and what the overall environment is like. He or she may ask you to take photographs of each room of your house. A few of your friends may be contracted so the attorney can observe their character and possibly ask them to act as witnesses about your character. Another thing that the attorney will need is proof that you can take care of the children financially when they are in your care, so prepare to provide pay stubs.

Keeping the Custody Dispute Cordial

Being that your legal case involves your children; the attorney will do everything possible to keep things cordial between you and the other party. The first effort to resolve the custody battle will be done through mediation. If you and the other party can mutually agree on a custody plan, going to court will not be necessary. Mediation can also help you and the other party understands each other better, which would work in the best long-term interest of the children. Consult with a law firm, such as the Herbert Law Firm LLC, as soon as possible.   


16 March 2016

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