Looking At The Benefits Of Mediation Services During Your Divorce


Going through a divorce can be harrowing, even more so if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are not on agreeable terms. When it comes to agreeing on important issues like child custody and property division, making choices about them before going to court is best. A judge will not be as lenient as you and your ex may be if you can find common ground to agree on. Bear in mind that judges must go by the law, so you or your spouse may not be happy with the final orders. Check out the benefits you and your ex can enjoy by having a mediator.

The Benefit Of Going To Court Without Unsolved Issues

A divorce mediator is a third party that goes between you and your ex over things like child custody, separation of property, the division of debts and more. Many couples also like to have their divorce attorneys present during divorce mediation. A mediator is non-biased and is not there to make final judgments like a judge would in court. A mediator helps to offer solutions to you both for reaching a compromised agreement. For example, a mediator can help you and your ex come to an agreeable parenting plan in which both of you have equal time and say-so over your kids. For many couples going through a divorce, mediation services have helped them to resolve most, if not all, of their disagreements before going to court for making their divorce final.

Mediation Helps You And Your Ex Remain In Control

One of the worst feelings in the world for a divorcee is feeling like he or she has lost control over their kids. Through mediation services, a plan can be devised that will leave you and your ex in control of the kids. If you sit down with your ex and a mediator, you will have more time to consider every detail of custody rather than just taking what you can get at court. For example, if your child has baseball practice on a night you have to work, your ex can take that night to make sure the child makes it to practice. Being a family without living together or being married is important to your children and their emotional well-being, so you could consider mediation services a great way to maintain a decent relationship with your ex for your kids.

Couples Tend To Stick With Decisions Made Through Mediation

When decisions concerning your family are thrown onto you and your ex by a judge, you or your ex may feel uncomfortable with them despite not agreeing with each other about it. However, if you and your ex make choices together that you both agree upon, you will feel more in charge and more likely to adhere to those decisions. For example, if you agree to pay the monthly payment on one credit and your ex agrees to pay for another, you will be satisfied with the agreement because it was your choice. If you are ordered in court to pay for both credit cards, you may feel unjustly treated.

Taking advantage of mediation services during your divorce is a good idea and can help you and your ex settle things without a nasty, drawn-out battle in court. For more information, contact attorneys like Moore Robert G Attorney at Law.


18 March 2016

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