Five Possible Charges You Could Face If You're Being Hit With A Drug Offense


The penalties and processes that go along with drug offenses can vary widely depending on the exact circumstances. It's important to be aware of and analyze the exact drug offense(s) you're being charged with to formulate the best defense.

The following are five possible charges that dealing with drug offenses could entail. You could be charged with one or more of these charges, and the penalties and procedures for handling them will vary by state.

It's important to find a drug offense lawyer as soon as possible to help you through any of the following drug offense charge scenarios:

1. Possessing drugs

Simple possession of illegal substances is one of the most common drug offense charges with what are, generally speaking, the least severe penalties.

Possession of drugs typically means drugs were on the charged person or in the charged person's home, but the charged individual had no intention of selling or distributing the drugs.

2. Possessing drugs with the intention of selling or distributing them

Penalties become more severe if charges involve an intent to deal drugs or be linked to a transaction of buying and selling drugs. 

Law enforcement personnel become likely to push intent to sell charges if they find drugs on an individual who is also in possession of either large amounts of cash or tools that are used to measure quantities of a drug. 

While drug possession charges can be difficult to fight if drugs were in fact on the charged individual, it can often be difficult for drug offense law enforcement to prove that there was an intent to sell. 

3. Manufacturing or cultivating drugs

Like possession with an intent to sell is charged with manufacturing or cultivating drugs can carry with it very severe penalties.

At the same time, it can be harder to fight these charges because proof that a charged individual was manufacturing or cultivating drugs is usually a little more clear. If law enforcement witnessed a site where drugs were clearly being produced, they will charge for manufacturing or cultivating drugs. 

4. Distributing drugs

Distributing or transporting drugs is a charge that involves a defendant who was involved in drug dealing, so the penalties tend to be severe.

However, it can often be difficult for law enforcement authorities to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did indeed have the intention of delivering illegal drugs to a buyer. 

5. Illegally dealing with prescription drugs

If you are charged with illegally securing prescription drugs for your own use, charges will likely be similar to drug possession charges. On the other hand, if you were dealing in prescription drugs and intending to sell prescription drugs to another party, penalties will likely be more severe. 


26 April 2018

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