What You Need To Do When Accused Of A Crime


If you're in a situation where you're thinking about criminal defense issues, it's a good idea to be aware of what you may or may not want to do under those circumstances. These three tips will help you try to steer clear of trouble if you're facing accusations of wrongdoing.

Do Not Speak to the Police

The police are required by law to allow you to wait until a lawyer is present before you have to answer questions. Cops often try to mischaracterize their intent in these situations, claiming they just want to ask a few questions. Even if you've been read your legal rights, the police can chat with you and try to get you to talk without any criminal defense attorneys present. Make a point to keep quiet, and if you must speak, simply inform the cops you're waiting for your counsel to appear.

Assume the Worst

Folks often assume that because they're only witnesses to an event that they can't end up being charged with crimes. The line between being a witness and an accessory, however, is thinner than you might expect. Even if you're appearing in court as a witness, it's prudent to retain the services of a criminal defense law firm, as your own testimony might be used to eventually build a case against you. In all conversations with the police, assume the worst and operate under the assumption you might be charged with a crime.

Understand the System

The image of people going to trial to fight for their rights is one that's deeply ingrained due to popular culture, but the reality is that the vast majority of cases will either be plead out or dismissed long before getting to a trial. Your best chances for beating a charge outright are typically in the preliminary phases of the criminal defense process when your lawyer can explain to a judge why there might be concerns about evidence, the nature of the case, any testimony offered against you and the prosecution's overall arguments.

Once the police have charged you with a crime and processed you into a jail or prison system, you'll await arraignment. The charges will be read to you, and you'll have an opportunity, usually, for bail. A hearing will be scheduled where the prosecution will then have to present the outlines of its case, but negotiations can take place from that point forward.

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24 November 2018

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