Common Reasons Why You May Be Charged With Reckless Driving


In most states, reckless driving means that you drove without any regard for other drivers on the road, pedestrians on the sidewalk and or personal property near the road. The definition of reckless driving is fairly vague, as you can argue that any driver who runs a stop light is driving recklessly. However, most counties have specific types of incidents in which they charge the driver with reckless driving. Here are a few of the common reasons why you may be charged with reckless driving. 

You Were Excessively Speeding

One of the reasons why you may be charged with reckless driving is because you were excessively speeding. A police officer has a lot of discretion of what excessive may be. Going 60 though a 25 mile per hour school zone may be excessive, or driving 100 miles per hour in a 65 zone may be deemed excessive. In most cases, if your speed exceeds the criteria for a general speeding ticket, you may be charged with reckless driving. Reckless driving may also be given to those speeding while racing other drivers on the roads. 

There Was a Road Rage Incident

Another common reason why you may be charged with reckless driving is you were engaged in a road rage incident. Perhaps you go made at another driver and started excessively honking your horn at them, cursing at them and trying to drive around them to cut them off. If your actions are unsafe, and your attention is taken off of the roads and driving, you may be charged with reckless driving. 

You Led Police on a Chase

The last common reason why you may be charged with reckless driving is because you led police on a chase. When the police turn on their lights and siren, you are supposed to immediately pull over. If you fail to do this and start speeding up, running red lights or stop signs or driving recklessly to get away from the cops, you can be charged with reckless driving, among many other possible charges. 

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor in most states. If bodily injury or death occurred, you may be charged with felony reckless driving. If you are charged with the crime of reckless driving, it is important to consult with and possibly hire a reckless driving attorney. They can work to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed, which can help to keep you from being convicted of a crime. An attorney will review the facts surrounding your case and decide on the best defenses to help you with your charges. 

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20 May 2019

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