What To Do When Your Ex Complicates Your Visitation Agreement


When you have joint custody with your ex of your children, you may start to wonder if your ex is taking actions that are meant to interfere with your relationship with your child. For example, when you are supposed to meet with your child, your ex might suddenly go on a trip. If you aren't sure about whether this is violating your custody agreement, a child custody attorney may be able to help.

Unexpected Trips

If your ex decides to take your child on an unexpected trip, this might be interpreted as an attempt to kidnap your child. Your ex should always ask permission before going on a trip such as a vacation. When this doesn't happen, you will want to bring this up with your attorney and also with the courts. 

Frequently Canceling Visits

Whenever you will be visiting your child, you may notice that your ex keeps canceling last minute and tries to reschedule. Or, your ex might cancel visits when they are supposed to visit your child.

This should be brought up with the court because it sends the message that your ex is not serious about maintaining a relationship with your child. Your attorney might argue for the custody agreement to be revised in light of this.

Your Ex Refuses to Negotiate

Unfortunately, during a child custody battle, some ex-spouses will refuse to cooperate when coming up with an alternative child custody arrangement. Instead, they will try to get even and this can negatively affect your parenting arrangement. 

Do Not Speak Ill Of Ex

When your ex is making it more difficult for you to see your child and coordinate, you might be tempted to say bad things about them. One of the factors that the judge takes into consideration is your willingness to support the relationship between your ex and their child. If it appears that you are turning your child against your ex, this may reflect poorly on you.

Also, when you are with your ex make sure to remain calm. If the confrontation becomes too heated, it may lead to a domestic violence dispute that could affect your custody arrangement.

Don't Handle an Uncooperative Ex Without a Child Custody Attorney

You may want to save money by not working with a child custody attorney but this will often backfire. Regardless of your budget, you will achieve the best possible results with legal representation. Contact a child custody attorney for more information. 


14 May 2021

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