Can You Afford To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?


There's no doubt that lawyers are expensive. If you intend to hire a lawyer to help with your car accident case, the first thought will always be the cost. How much does it cost to hire an auto accident attorney? Can you afford a one-off consultation, or do you want to retain their services throughout your case? Here's what you need to know. 

Don't Do This by Yourself 

You're probably handling medical bills, repairs and intend to hire an auto accident attorney. Since you have other bills, it's not uncommon to decide to forego a lawyer. At first, it sounds like a great way to reduce expenses, but you'll soon realize it's not. 

For minor accidents like a damaged mirror or someone scratched a bit of paint, you can probably resolve this on your own. However, if the accident resulted in severe injuries and damage, you'll need an experienced auto accident lawyer. 

Agree on a Contingency Fee or Percentage

Auto accident lawyers can agree to work on your case on the condition that they'll receive a certain percentage or amount if they win the case. Typically, the contingency percentage is about 25-40%, but the industry standard is 33%. 

Most law firms are understanding and are willing to work with you on a contingency basis. It will benefit you since you're only obligated to pay them if they win. Seeking justice and compensation for your accident doesn't have to be expensive or resource-draining. 

Consult an experienced auto accident attorney and agree on a contingency fee or percentage that you're both comfortable with. 

Fees and Expenses

The lawyer will incur expenses while seeking justice for your case. For example, the lawyer will need to pay court fees, cost to access medical and police records. All these need to be paid; thus, you can agree with your attorney whether to pay upfront or later. 

Remember, these fees and expenses typically aren't part of the contingency fee. If the lawyer incurs deposition costs, filing costs, or court costs, these costs will fall on you as the client. It's up to you to decide where to source funds for these costs. If you win the case, the court can instruct the losing side to cover all court costs, and the reverse is also possible. 

Therefore, ensure you discuss these fees and expenses with your lawyer before getting into a contract. Also, ask if the lawyer can offer additional arrangement options other than contingency fees. Contact someone like The Radmore Law Firm to discuss your case.


22 July 2021

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