What Is A DUI Attorney And What Can They Do For You?


If you're facing a DUI, especially if it's not your first, the best thing for you to do is hire a DUI attorney. If you try to go through the DUI process without an attorney by your side, it may end up being drawn out or costing you more money. 

What Is a DUI?

DUI stands for driving under the influence. This occurs when you've been caught driving with a blood alcohol content over .08 in most states. A DUI charge is serious. It can result in jail time, large fines, and a revoked license. A DUI charge could also result in mandatory treatment depending on how many offenses you have. For your safety, and others', it's important to never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. 

What Is a DUI Attorney?

A DUI attorney is the type of attorney that specializes in representing those facing DUI charges. They are familiar with all of the laws surrounding DUIs and are your best resource when it comes to fighting one. It's important to remember that it may be difficult for your lawyer to get the charge completely dropped, but they can help you get a lesser charge or fewer consequences. This may be even more difficult if this is not your first offense. Their goal is to help you get the lowest charge possible. 

What Does a DUI Attorney Do?

If you have to appear before a judge, your attorney will represent you to the best of their ability. They are experienced in fighting for their clients in a courtroom so having a lawyer will help your case substantially. Other things a DUI attorney will do for you can include: 

  • File any documentation and paperwork 
  • Communicating with insurance companies
  • Gathering evidence
  • Negotiating with prosecutors
  • Advising you against or preparing you for the stand
  • Advising plea bargains
  • Scheduling evidentiary hearings
  • Uncovering any discrepancies in the arrest procedure

Without the help of a DUI attorney, you could easily say the wrong thing and incriminate yourself or miss a deadline by mistake.  

Cost of a DUI Attorney

The cost of a DUI attorney can vary depending on location and the experience of the attorney. The difficulty of the case and the length can also affect the cost. It's also possible that your attorney may want to charge by the hour. If your attorney suggests an hourly charge, it may be because your case is more difficult than the average DUI case. 

Reach out to a DUI attorney if you've been arrested for drinking and driving. 


23 November 2021

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