3 Effective Negotiation Skills a DUI Lawyer Should Show


When charged with a DUI offense, the first person to contact is an experienced DUI lawyer to avoid conviction. Your lawyer understands that the easiest solution to such cases is a plea agreement. Therefore, your sole aim as a defendant is a plea deal that is a beneficial compromise.

You achieve such plea deals with a well-drafted motion, supported with viable evidence. Effective motion practice and discovery rely on skillful representation in plea bargain processes. A DUI lawyer with effective negotiation skills will secure the best deal for your case.

Find below the negotiation skills to look for in a lawyer.

1. Listening Actively

Negotiations are not entirely about expressing opinions. The state drafts plea agreements, and as a defendant, your lawyer listens to understand the factors considered. An experienced DUI lawyer does not think about what to say next when the other party speaks. Instead, your lawyer listens to the arguments for valuable information.

The following signs help you identify a lawyer who is an active listener:

  • Your DUI lawyer provides feedback.

  • Your DUI lawyer responds appropriately to your comments.

  • Your DUI attorney smiles and nods as you speak.

  • Your DUI attorney maintains eye contact.

2. Building Rapport

Your DUI lawyer builds rapport with your counterpart to negotiate a mutually beneficial plea deal. Most lawyers find it less feasible, to begin with, small talk in the negotiation process because of the tight schedules. But, these can lead to real benefits.

A DUI lawyer who builds rapport with the other party earns your case the following benefits:

  • You'll receive full cooperation from the other party.

  • You'll access crucial information freely.

  • You'll receive fewer threats and ultimatums.

  • You'll reduce the risk of emotional, procedural, and substantive impasse.

Rapport builds naturally in most face-to-face negotiations compared to virtual negotiations. But, a simple introductory call makes a difference in virtual negotiations.

3. Asking the Right Questions

A DUI lawyer who turns a discussion into an interrogative negotiation gains valuable information to support your case. The plea bargain process requires enough facts that support your motion. You only get valuable evidence if your attorney asks the right questions.

In interrogative negotiations, your lawyer avoids one-answer questions. Instead, your DUI attorney crafts neutral inquisitions to gain detailed responses.


Your ability to get a beneficial plea deal after a DUI charge depends on the plea bargain process. An experienced DUI lawyer understands the law well and exercises effective negotiation skills to satisfy your needs. Ensure that you assess the above qualities in your lawyer during your first consultation.  


25 April 2022

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