An Overview Of The Disability Claims Review Process


If you're preparing to submit a disability claim, it's important that you're adequately prepared before you do so. There are many different elements to these applications and several factors that can affect your final determination. The more you understand about how disability claims are reviewed, the easier it is for you to ensure that your application is complete. Here are a few of the things that you need to know.

Your Application Should Be As Comprehensive As Possible

When you submit the application for your disability claim, it needs to be as comprehensive as possible to ensure the best possible chance at approval. In fact, the more information you can provide during your initial application, and the more complete your medical records are, the less there is to question during the review.

Your Application Will Be Reviewed By In-House Medical Staff First

Your disability application, including the supporting evidence, is assessed by in-house staff first to establish merit and sufficient evidence. Sometimes, this review is enough to validate your claim. In other cases, you might find that the insurance carrier wants an independent medical exam for further confirmation.

Remember That Independent Medical Exams Are Not For Your Benefit

An independent medical exam is conducted at the behest of the disability carrier to determine your eligibility. It is in their best interest to deny your claim in the effort of saving money, so remember that this exam is not done in your favor. Be open and honest about what you feel, how your condition affects your life, and what symptoms you experience. Do not hold back any information, but be truthful.

Be Prepared For A Thorough Investigation

Disability fraud is a serious issue and happens far more often than you think. As a result, many carriers go to great lengths to validate claims and investigate claimants. You can expect to have your social media accounts investigated, background checks done, interviews with family or friends conducted, and even surveillance reviewed. All of these things are done in an attempt to ensure the validity and trustworthiness of your claim before a decision is made.

These are just a few of the things you need to understand if you're filing a disability claim. It's important to consider the benefits of working with an attorney to file your claim so that you can be sure that the information is as accurate and complete as possible before the application is submitted. 

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12 January 2023

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