What Is A DUI Attorney And What Can They Do For You?


If you're facing a DUI, especially if it's not your first, the best thing for you to do is hire a DUI attorney. If you try to go through the DUI process without an attorney by your side, it may end up being drawn out or costing you more money.  What Is a DUI? DUI stands for driving under the influence. This occurs when you've been caught driving with a blood alcohol content over .

23 November 2021

How To Handle Assets During Divorce


People going through divorce have to deal with the assets left over from their marriages. Even in states with fairly strict marital property definitions, asset division can be a complex process. A divorce lawyer, though, will advise you to do these four things to make the process a little smoother. Document the Ownership of the Major Assets Whenever possible, try to provide significant documentation of the title or purchase of an item.

14 October 2021

3 Common Coal Mining Work Injuries


Despite the safety guidelines set by the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act, mining is still an incredibly dangerous job. For this reason, anyone who is interested in mining or is a miner should be aware of the special risks they face when going underground. If you would like to know more, check out these three common coal mining work injuries and what you can do to seek compensation. 1. Burns

16 September 2021

Can You Afford To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?


There's no doubt that lawyers are expensive. If you intend to hire a lawyer to help with your car accident case, the first thought will always be the cost. How much does it cost to hire an auto accident attorney? Can you afford a one-off consultation, or do you want to retain their services throughout your case? Here's what you need to know.  Don't Do This by Yourself  You're probably handling medical bills, repairs and intend to hire an auto accident attorney.

22 July 2021

Vital Reasons To Put An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney On Retainer


When you want to resolve your debts legally, you need to know what options are available to you. You also need to follow a precise legal process to get rid of most or all of the debts that you owe.  Instead of trying to file a case on your own, you can benefit more by hiring a bankruptcy attorney to represent you. You can file the right kind of legal action by retaining a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to take your case.

22 June 2021

What To Do When Your Ex Complicates Your Visitation Agreement


When you have joint custody with your ex of your children, you may start to wonder if your ex is taking actions that are meant to interfere with your relationship with your child. For example, when you are supposed to meet with your child, your ex might suddenly go on a trip. If you aren't sure about whether this is violating your custody agreement, a child custody attorney may be able to help.

14 May 2021